Rest of September: swimming class, birthdays

We started swimming class!!! It’s at a local recreational center. The class is called Toddler-and-Me, a 25-min class where one parent is with the kid all the time.

The first day of the class was raining, so she had swimsuit and raincoat on.

IMG 8947

they first had few minutes of warming exercise

IMG 8950

IMG 8952

then they got into the big pool and did different kind of exercises.

IMG 8963

IMG 8961

Sofia doesn’t always follow the instruction, but she does always have fun! a lot of it!

IMG 8971

IMG 8974

even she class ends, she doesn’t want to leave the water

IMG 8989

then we attended to the birthday part of her best friend at school, another Sofia.

IMG 8991

followed by grandpa’s birthday

IMG 9004

she song the birthday song with the cutest voice 🙂

IMG 9006

last weekend we went to apple picking.

IMG 9019

we tried different kinds (jonagold, red delicious, fuji, green) and all agreed that jonagold was the most delicious one. We got 20lb of it and few more pounds of hand-picked tomatoes. Love love love!!! We are already planning to go back! 🙂

IMG 9020

I’ve been making some new chinese dishes for the family.

backed scallion pancake with black sesame 葱油酥饼

IMG 8995

ice moon cake with aduki bean filling 豆沙冰皮月饼

IMG 8996

for dad’s birthday, I made him noodle with chili sauce paste (辣酱面) with assorted veggies and pork, his favorite noodle dish of all time.

IMG 8998

aduki bean filled bread

IMG 9023

Sweet pork filling moon cake 苏式鲜肉月饼

IMG 9026

IMG 9025

My parents are leaving for China tomorrow for 6 months. We will start a family of 3. Kind of excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because I’ve always liked to small family life, nervous because I know my mom helped a lot with the house work, so from now we have to do everything ourselves. The good part of that is I get to cook dinners everyday again! 🙂

We will miss them, specially my mom because she’s been here with us most of the time since Sofia was born. Both Sofia and I feel very close to her. But I know she needs to go back, first to get her health check up (she’s been having high blood pressure recently, which worries all of us!), and then she can get to see her friends and do some trip, which she enjoys a lot! Then she comes back next year recharged. We will miss her but we will be happy for her enjoying her life in Shanghai! 🙂

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