Day 6-8: Yellowstone

day 6: it was a rainy day so we decided to do a road trip toward Old Faithful. The rain was pretty heavy until we arrived Old Faithful. We found a good stop in the cafeteria and watched the eruption twice. It was quite impressive, in particular, how predictable it is, every 90 min, +/- 10 min, that is why it is old Old Faithful, the most famous gayser.
IMG 8655

we were back to Canyon area in the afternoon, the rain has stopped, so Tony and I did some hiking

IMG 8657

IMG 8660

IMG 8661

IMG 8663

a surprising arco iris

IMG 8665

day 7: toward Old Faithful and stopping at each sight points.

first: Artist painpots

IMG 8671

IMG 8668

IMG 8669

then passed by Gibbons fall

IMG 8675



then we stopped for a little water play on firehole canyon drive

IMG 8681

next was Ojo Caliente by the fountain flat drive

IMG 8685

next was the famous Grand Primastic Spring



IMG 8692

the view was not complete so Tony and I decided to explore more. We found an off-trail by Fairy Falls Trailhead that could give us a better view, so we left Sofia and my parents in the car and we went

IMG 8694

after climbing up for 20 min, we  saw this!!! Spectacular!!!

IMG 8711

IMG 8719

we also stopped by Biscuit basin and black sand basin before arriving at Old Faithful, almost 6pm. We witnessed again the eruption, had dinner and called it a productive day

IMG 8725

day 8: it was our 6th day in the park, we’ve seen and done almost everything, so we looked at the map and circled those sights that we missed and there we went.
IMG 8729

we did 2 hrs hiking to see Lone Star geyser.

IMG 8731

it also has a predictable eruption time, every 3 hours. We didn’t plan for that but it started to erupt few minutes after we arrived. So lucky!

IMG 8736

on our way back to the lodge, we stopped by lake hotel general store for its ice cream again. soooo delicious!!!

IMG 8746


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