Day 9-10: Back to Teton & what we ate

day 9: we headed back to Teton after late breakfast and check out. Sofia was entertained as usual with her snacks and singing.

IMG 8739

we arrived Teton around 1pm so we found a picnic area for lunch, at jenny lake. It was a beautiful lake with many individual beaches, and people doing all kinds of water activities.

IMG 8750

we check-in at the lodge and went to the swimming pool. It was exhilarating for Sofia!!!

IMG 8755

she couldn’t stop laughing

IMG 8757

day 10: we went back to Colter Bay harbor.

IMG 8769

Sofia and my mom did a cruise tour, Tony and I did canoa

IMG 8771

really nice view and great workout

IMG 8774

after lunch we went back to the lodge, Sofia had another swimming session with Tony

then we went to the lodge bar for dinner with the sunset view

IMG 8790

What we ate during our trip.  VERY POORLY would be the best way to describe it. Within the park, there are only dinning places in the lodges. Where we stayed has a dinning room, a cafeteria and a deli. The first time we tried to get into the dinning room but after 30 min wait, we decided not worth it. Fortunately we came prepared, we’ve packed instant noodles, assorted snacks that lasted the whole trip, a rice cooker that did not work, a cooler and a water heater. So glad we did that.

For breakfast we have bread, sandwich for lunch, and dinner was oatmeal with chinese pickles for me, honey for Tony, and instant noodles.

IMG 8666

we cooked egg in the water heater! we all had two eggs per day to supplement protein. By the 10th day, I couldn’t see boiled eggs anymore, and I think I won’t have boiled eggs for a long time. The smell of it makes me want to vomit.

IMG 8667

we also had baby spinach mixed with noodles and oatmeal for a couple of days, and when I got tired of that, i simply bought a packet of frozen veggies, rinsed it and topped it with S+P and salsa (from my parents’ quesadilla)

IMG 8760

the only real meal we had in yellowstone was this rice bowl topped with veggies, shrimp and chicken with teriyaki sauce.

IMG 8726

the only sit down meal at a dinning place was as our last night at jackson lake lodge. We ordered chips to start

IMG 8782

my dad has corn chowder

IMG 8783

Tony had burger with gouda cheese

IMG 8784

my mom ordered burger with cheddar

IMG 8785

and I ordered chicken salad

IMG 8786

During the trip, Sofia didn’t eat 3 meals as usual, she’d have a light breakfast (cereal with milk), and snacked all day long. Most of the days she’d have 1/4-1/3 of my mom’s sandwich. She ate way too many chips, ice creams that I would like, but I was relaxed about it. As long as she ate and happy, it was fine with me.  I care about what I eat more than many people, but I don’t stress out about it during trips. My dad was asking where I’d eat, Tony asked too, and I told them clearly that this was not a culinary trip so we’d eat whenever whatever it was convenient. Fortunately the amazing view and experience of yellowstone made everyone happy enough to forget about food dissatisfaction. And we all lost some weight. 🙂

It was an amazing experience traveling with the whole family at such a different place than our normal environment. We were often lost our thoughts while admiring the nature. It was our first family experience with Tony and a great one. I didn’t have any doubt that we’d have great time because he’s a natural helper and carer, he made sure everyone was safe and happy by doing most of the work himself. Oh… he was the planner of the itinerary too. 2 weeks before our departure, he studied the map, the guide book and it was such a relief for me to not have to think about where and what to do everyday, and I didn’t even have to drive much!!! Love this man!!! 🙂

I don’t know when we would have another trip like this with my parents, hopefully in 4 years. Our initial plan is to go to the north of Argentina. It would be really nice to show Argentina to Sofia and Tony.

Day 6-8: Yellowstone

day 6: it was a rainy day so we decided to do a road trip toward Old Faithful. The rain was pretty heavy until we arrived Old Faithful. We found a good stop in the cafeteria and watched the eruption twice. It was quite impressive, in particular, how predictable it is, every 90 min, +/- 10 min, that is why it is old Old Faithful, the most famous gayser.
IMG 8655

we were back to Canyon area in the afternoon, the rain has stopped, so Tony and I did some hiking

IMG 8657

IMG 8660

IMG 8661

IMG 8663

a surprising arco iris

IMG 8665

day 7: toward Old Faithful and stopping at each sight points.

first: Artist painpots

IMG 8671

IMG 8668

IMG 8669

then passed by Gibbons fall

IMG 8675



then we stopped for a little water play on firehole canyon drive

IMG 8681

next was Ojo Caliente by the fountain flat drive

IMG 8685

next was the famous Grand Primastic Spring



IMG 8692

the view was not complete so Tony and I decided to explore more. We found an off-trail by Fairy Falls Trailhead that could give us a better view, so we left Sofia and my parents in the car and we went

IMG 8694

after climbing up for 20 min, we  saw this!!! Spectacular!!!

IMG 8711

IMG 8719

we also stopped by Biscuit basin and black sand basin before arriving at Old Faithful, almost 6pm. We witnessed again the eruption, had dinner and called it a productive day

IMG 8725

day 8: it was our 6th day in the park, we’ve seen and done almost everything, so we looked at the map and circled those sights that we missed and there we went.
IMG 8729

we did 2 hrs hiking to see Lone Star geyser.

IMG 8731

it also has a predictable eruption time, every 3 hours. We didn’t plan for that but it started to erupt few minutes after we arrived. So lucky!

IMG 8736

on our way back to the lodge, we stopped by lake hotel general store for its ice cream again. soooo delicious!!!

IMG 8746