Preparing for our trip

We just came back from 11 days-trip in Yellowstone-Gran Teton. It was a fabulous family trip!!! But before we get into details of the trip, let’s recap what happened before the trip.

We went to try a carrier for Sofia because we wanted to do some hiking. At first Sofia hated it and refused to get in. But after “forgetting” about it for few minutes walking around REI, she accepted to try again and she was hooked! Look how comfy she was. 🙂

IMG 8369

IMG 8377

but we decided not to get one because although it was comfortable for her, it’s way too heavy for the carrier for longer than 1-hour hike.

That weekend we went to a outdoor movie, first time ever for all of us. It was fun but it was more an excuse to get outdoor picnic with friends than the movie itself.

IMG 8393

a funny episode happened. Sofia tried to put sunscreen herself

IMG 8395

and she looked like just came back from a birthday party

IMG 8396

we got her a new toy… well… actually it happened to be a new toy for Tony

IMG 8399

IMG 8405


we got cod in Costco for the first time and I prepared it the simplest way. marinate in salt and pepper and cooking wine for 30 min, cook it in a bit of oil both sides until done (10-12). It was incredible tasty for just a simple preparation. Will definitely make more.

IMG 8418

I’ve been baking loaves of bread.

this one with brown rice
IMG 8366

this one with the master starter (similar to sour dough starter) … tastes just like pumpernikel bread!

IMG 8381

since I had a batch of master starter, I made three kinds more.

IMG 8390

and made pumpkin bread

IMG 8379

I love baking breads and eating them… and love that Tony shares the interest with me. 🙂 Now I have “excuse” to bake more breads!

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