Family vacation 2015: the journey begins. Gran Teton day 1 & 2

The most expected trip finally happened!!! Since Yellowstone is a popular destination, I booked everything in March this year so the expectation has been building up since then.

We had a long trip to get there but we were all very excited. Packed everything for 5 people in 2 large suitcases and 2 carry-ons. Most of the space was occupied by the Pack n’ Play, the cooler, rice cooker (that didn’t work) and water heater. WE were so glad we packed all these for this trip!!!

It has been over a year since Sofia’s last trip and she was super excited to go to the airport and see the planes closely.

IMG 8423

we arrived 1.5 hrs and recorded this moment. Our first family trip!

IMG 8425

I remember last time traveling with Sofia to China, it was exhausting!!! But this time it was much easier. She was easily entertained by snacks and some simple toys that I brought (play dough, stickers, a pad and color pens). We had two 3 hours flight and 2 hrs of layover. She behaved really well.

IMG 8427

we landed around 6:30pm local time. Got our car (KIA Santa Fe), paid the entrance fee to both national parks ($50) and drove to our first lodge (Jackson Lake Lodge) which was 45 min away from the airport.

IMG 8429

as we began our journey, I could feel my mind started to relax, immerse to the nature and just enjoy this special moment.

IMG 8431

Sofia didn’t nap during the flight so she passed out

IMG 8437

once in the hotel, we quickly set up her bed and called it a night.

IMG 8441

Day 2 (Gran Teton). We started early (as suggested by every guide book/blog). It was partially cloudy, quite cold and very peaceful.

IMG 8443

Our first stop was the general grocery store at colter Bay to get lunch items. Then we took a tour at the camp site. Tony kept telling me that next time we should do camping with the kids. And I said: “mmm…. I’d better leave you some bounding time with the kids alone. I can sleep in a hotel and provide you hot shower!”

IMG 8445

Entering more the colter bay area, we encounter this beautiful beach, facing the main mountains of Teton (Moran,

IMG 8449

Sofia was SUPER EXCITED to find her new activity: throw rocks to the water! 😯

IMG 8453


then we went to the Colter Bay Marina. There are people doing kayaking and canoe, Sofia immediately demanded to get to the “boat” too. We hesitated for few minutes and decided to try too. We all got the swim suit and we went out. It was a perfect day for going on a boat.

IMG 8473

I was holding Sofia most of the time. She kept telling me: ” todo el dia!”, meaning she wants to do boat all day long. 🙂


Tony was in charge to get us sailing. He did a really good job!

IMG 8471

We enjoyed it so much that we had to do it again in our last day, and agreed to do more once we get home.

By the time we finished it was lunch time. Picnic by the lake. This is the first of many sandwiches we had over the last 10 days. WW bread with cheese and turkey.

IMG 8482

more rock throwing for Sofia

IMG 8486

while we relaxed on the beach

IMG 8489

love love seeing her happy and amazed!

IMG 8497

next stop was the jackson lake Dam. It is quite impressive.


On our back we found a off-road to the summit. 30 min later we were on the top


IMG 8509

it offered a great view to the valley

IMG 8513

Sofia taking pics looks so funny!!!

IMG 8517

back to the lodge. We had a quick dinner (cobb salad for me, chicken wrap for Tony, and chicken quesadilla for my parents)

IMG 8522

we were quite tired by the end of the day plus the 2 hrs difference with DC, we went all in bed by 9:30pm.


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