Life: relaxing weeks & bread making challenge

The past two weeks have been relaxing. Work is slow and I just don’t feel like starting any new projects since we’re leaving for holidays in 1 week. Fortunately there’s always interesting things that keep me “busy” such as meeting with friends, reading new blogs and getting inspiration for cooking at home. I think “housewife” is definitely undervalued… because in order to be a good one, it takes so much planning and thinking. 🙂

Sofia is getting closer to Tony each day. Nowadays she’d ask me about him in the morning few minutes after I go to pick her up at her bedroom. If we go out, she’d always remember where is Tony. So adorable! This image of her sharing her favorite popsicle with him melts my heart.

IMG 8277

Sofia’s daycare is in the first floor of my office. It’s always nice to see her during the day. She is old enough to not ask for me when she sees me. Instead she’d wave to me. She’s a big girl already. 🙂

IMG 8282

and a brave one too…. look how she showed off her new trick

IMG 8287

yeah… pretty scary.

IMG 8288

Last Friday Tony and my parents walked around DC and I got to spend sometime in the afternoon. We walked to Georgetown and enjoyed the view.

IMG 8296

then our car got a bit weird. For few days, one of the tire kept losing air very slowly. We took to the tire store twice and they couldn’t find the problem. Only on the third attempt they found a nail size hole in it. Fortunately it’s fixed now. It always freaks me out when car is not 100% ok.

IMG 8314

Sofia always so happy on the way riding home. If I talk to Tony for too long (like 3 min?!) she’d demand that I talk to her. Although she speaks a lot these days. Our conversation always end up with these set of questions, day after day. “How are you Sofia? What did you play today? Who did you play with? What did you eat? Did you have fun?” Sometimes after we go through these questions and I start to talk to Tony again… she’ll ask me to talk to her again, and we go over these questions again. But she’s progressing. When she has something to snack on, she’d tell me: mama, talk to Tony for a little. 🙂

IMG 8324

the weather is hot these days.. so we spend more time on the deck after dinner or early morning. The breeze is so refreshing and chatting with the family there is always nice.

IMG 8329

This weekend started with a scary episode. On Friday 4am, I heard Sofia crying and calling mama. I went to her room and found her waiting by the door with the face tainted with blood so does her bed. 😯 She had nose bleeding. It always scares me so much to see blood and Sofia in the same situation. Although it’s not the first time she has nose bleeding, I was still so worried and scared. I pressed her nose for few minutes and check. It was still coming out but not a lot. So I pressed a bit more. Fortunately it stopped. I hold her for an hour or so until she was ready to go back to sleep. I tried to sleep again but couldn’t. Too worried that she’d bleed again.

She woke up at 8am, later than her normal wake up time. I sensed she was warm. She was coughing as well. After breakfast, which she didn’t eat much and throw up, she bleed again, not a lot but a bit. I said… we need to get her to the doctor. 2 hrs later, we got her checked. Everything was fine, just a mild cold. Doctor ordered bland diet and rest and monitor temperature and nose bleeding. So we spent the rest of the day at home resting. She didn’t bleed more and temperature was gone by the evening.

Each episode of her being sick puts me into perspective. Having her healthy and happy is the most important thing in the world for me. Although I can’t guarantee she’ll be happy all the time, almost impossible as she gets older, but I would do everything in my power for these two things as long as I can and as long as she allows me. At 2 years old, her biggest source of happiness is still from me. Being with her mom, doing whatever, makes her happy. She loves to read with me, she loves playing cooking/lego with me watching her or simply by her side. All she needs is to be with her. And that I can give.

Sometime I look at her, really look at her and I am still amazed how much I love her. She’s such a precious person, who melts my heart with a smile and breaks it with minor discomfort of her. I observe her face, her little but strong arms and her full mosquito bites legs. I remember moments of her waning to get my attention, her expression when we are negotiating (yes, she negotiates about everything!!!), her concern look when grandma got her finger cut. She’s so perfect to me. She’s everything I want her to be and much more. I look at her and I want to freeze the moment. I can foresee how sad I’d be the day she doesn’t need me so much, the day her world is not filled by me. But my love to her is so great that I know I’d eat up my sadness to not make her feel bad about leaving me behind. Instead I’ll cheer her up to be independent, self-sufficient and responsible.

Today she’s fully recovered and we went to a new playground. She found a little wood house and decided that it’s her spot to have milk. obviously mami needs to squeeze in to make her company.

IMG 8334

she’s fearless and wants to try everything

IMG 8337

and most importantly, she’s natural climber!!!


IMG 8340

Tony was trying to help her and she decisively said: “don’t help me!”

IMG 8341

IMG 8343

I can’t wait to take her to a real climbing place.

IMG 8338

Tony is Sofia’s protector. He follows her to everywhere to make sure she’s safe. Love this man.

IMG 8356

I’ve been cooking lately….

Sweet rice cake with dates and dry fruits

IMG 8279

chinese dinner made by mom

IMG 8290

spaguetti with meatball and homemade tomato sauce. Sofia and Tony loved it!

IMG 8292

If I could choose one meal to eat over summer, that would be salad!!! This one has lettuce, tomato, cucumber, egg, avocado, smoked salmon and sweet pepper. Simply dressed with olive oil and white lemon balsamic.

IMG 8293

we made BBQ again. The usual suspects: corn, sweet potato, salmon, chicken drums and salad.

IMG 8302

when we had no time for prepare a proper lunch, I prepared a quick stir-fry rice with veggies and shrimp, and a miso soup with tofu.

IMG 8303

another chinese dinner with the star dish sweet pepper filled with grounded  pork and mushroom.

IMG 8307

this weekend I made pork & mushroom dumplings and banana cake

IMG 8333

for lunch we had burger and salad. Made both the burger and bun from scratch.

IMG 8364

the burger was sooooo tasty and so easy to make

Burger for 4:

  • 500g beef chopped for stew
  • 1 tbsp onion powder
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp pepper
  • 1-2 tbsp fish sauce (the secret ingredient!)

Put everything in Ninja or a food processor and bleed until all mixed. For 4 balls and press down, specially the center, to make burger shape. Cover with foil and refrigerate overnight. This allows the spices to be fully absorbed and meat to become tender.

Before grilling, season again with s+p. Cook 2/3 on one side and flip.

We will definitely make more of these, it’s just too tasty not to! 🙂 For the bread, I used figazita de manteca recipe.

IMG 8365

Since Tony loves bread too.. I’ve started a new challenge. Make all the recipes from this book

IMG 8305

it uses a new technique. a bread needs at least 2 days to make but the end result worth the effort. I’ve never been able to reach the texture of WW bread like these. So far I made

Whole Wheat Sandwich bread

IMG 8297

Raisin cinnamon bread

IMG 8322

more to come. 🙂

One thought on “Life: relaxing weeks & bread making challenge

  1. kristaskravings

    Sounds like your summer is going along great! Glad Sofia healed up quickly. There’s nothing worse than the worry we feel for our kids!


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