Life: Aquarium & Annapolis

We had another fabulous weekend. 3 days seem too short to fully enjoy the company of my most loved people in the world.

Friday was my relaxing day. We start a slow-brekfast with goodies that I made, a banana cake, assorted breads and homemade soy milk.

IMG 8194

then I spent the rest of the day baking, reading, napping and snuggling with Tony.

Saturday we headed out early to get to the Aquarium, one of Sofia’s favorite places. She even found a comfy spot to watch the animals

IMG 8197

the third floor opened a new display in which kids can touch the sea animals. Sofia was super excited as well as Tony
IMG 8203

family selfies happened too
IMG 8208

IMG 8213

After we returned from Aquarium, sofia was down for her nap, Tony and I went to a baby shower and then stopped by my friends’ house. We returned home past 6pm, exhausted. We called a night before 10pm.

Sunday: we left the house early again to visit Annapolis. Last thursday was my mom’s 69 birthday and we thought to celebrate for her with a crab feast. We first stopped by the downtown annapolis for some sight seeing. It was Tony, my dad and Sofia’s first visit.

IMG 8220

it was a lovely day… warm but not too hot, so it was nice to walk on the Main st.

IMG 8224

as we walked by, everyone who sees Sofia couldn’t resist how cute she is. I was so proud of her, with her sun glass and confidence walking like a big girl.

IMG 8228

IMG 8232

of course she had to make silly faces to amuse us

IMG 8239

there was a car expo/show by the harbor

IMG 8252

we sit for few minutes to appreciate the view of the harbor

IMG 8255

IMG 8256

by then Sofia was a bit tired and hungry

IMG 8259

but she did a great job posing for one more pic and walked all the way back to car

IMG 8262

we finally arrived the Cantler’s and someone was annoyed by no-food-yet situation

IMG 8264

we chose to sit outdoor, by the water. It’s a casual restaurant, very laid back. Everyone was very focus with the task.

IMG 8265

we ordered Sofia kids meal: crab cake with buns and a fruit cup. She finished it all.

IMG 8266

we adults had 8 steamed crabs

IMG 8267

a seafood platter

IMG 8268

a crab cake fritter and a bucket of mussels. 1.5 hrs later… all done!

IMG 8269

happily returned home. Everyone except me took 2+ hrs nap. 🙂

I’ve always loved summers because there are so many beautiful places to visit and great to spend time outdoor. But it is my first time spending it with Tony and it feels so different. I want to do more…. to create memories of us as a family. 🙂

3 weeks for our first trip as a family!!!

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