Life: first week as a family

Tony and I came back on June 11th. This marks the start of a new life. I am aware that any relationship, no matter how romantic it was at the beginning, could be hard, and it requires two people’s effort to make it work. I am committed and willing to do it this time because I love him so much, and he makes so happy.

IMG 7221

It has been two weeks since his arrival and he has been making all of us (me, Sofia and my mom) extremely happy. He’s doing a lot of house work (gardening, fixing things, etc) while I work during the day. But the fact that I know at the end of the day I go home and he welcomes me with a big hug and kiss… it gives me such a peace of mind and content all the time. Sometimes when I’m very busy at work and walk to get a coffee for a break, I miss him, and then I remember he’s actually here with me. It is an incredible feeling of relief.

There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing Tony playing with Sofia, and that Sofia goes to give him hug and kiss. And he indeed has been really good with Sofia, always patient and playful with her. And Sofia likes him a lot, and considers him as part of the family.
IMG 7198

playing dough was their first activity together and Tony surprised all of us.

IMG 7217
I’ve been in charge of preparing breakfast for the whole family. For the first time ever, we all eat the same food. I know it sounds crazy, but actually it is for real.

aduki and barley porridge, blueberries cake and roasted kabocha

IMG 7223
IMG 7226

egg sammie
IMG 7241

Toast with almond butter has been a staple breakfast combo for Sofia
IMG 7245

she’s so playful these days… making all of us laugh all the time
IMG 7249

Love this picture…
IMG 7379

I’ve been introducing Tony to my friends. Sarah’s family loves him. Again he’s so patient with Tara too… and basically played with Sofia and Tara the whole time while Sarah and I catch up.
IMG 7391

Sofia’s favorite spot now
IMG 7413
we invited 3 couples over for a BBQ lunch
IMG 7421

grill grill grill
IMG 7422

I made 3 salads to accompany the meat: coleslaw
IMG 7418

potato salad
IMG 7419

arugula salad with strawberries, water melon and feta cheese
IMG 7420

they were welcomed by the crowd, particularly the potato salad
IMG 7424

we grilled corn, kabocha, sweet pototo, chicken drums, beef, pork and salmon
IMG 7428

Last Sunday we went out for a ride. We passed by the Regan airport, saw the monument and head back. 3.5 hrs in total. Tony wanted to kill me. 😉
IMG 7439

that afternoon I had to catch a plane for a quick business trip. I left the house in the hand of Tony and he did well. 🙂 Although it was only 3 days, we missed each other so much. We are inseparable! 🙂

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    1. Coco

      It’s equal parts of aduki beans and barley cooked in pressure cooker for 40 min or soaked overnight and cook for 2 hrs in medium low once boiled. Hope you like it.



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