Travel: Beijing June 2015

I just came back from 11 days in China. It was officially a work trip, but to me, seeing Tony and bringing him home was the real mission.

It was my first time going to China for work, an official visit. I was excited. Although I’ve lived in China over 10 years and felt half chinese for over 30 years, I can’t say I know the country. It was probably that reason that my boss picked me, that I could see China from a different perspective than a 100% chinese.

IMG 7024

the flight was entertaining, with some delicious food.

IMG 7031
salad, sesame salmon with grains
IMG 7041
fruit salad, chicken wrap and noodle salad
IMG 7042
salad, fried rice with shrimp and lemon cake
IMG 7028
fruit, cheese omelette, sausage and potatoes






IMG 7046

IMG 7049IMG 7053IMG 7055IMG 7056IMG 7057IMG 7059IMG 7061IMG 7064IMG 7065

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