Travel: Isla Mujeres day 3

For the last day, we again woke up just before breakfast was closed. I was so tired physically and mentally relaxed. Rower decided to rent a golf cart to drive around the island. The wedding group had planned a catamaran for 5 hours. IMG_6837

We were a group of 70+ people in a large boat just for us. Right after we departed, we put on snorkeling equipment and jumped to the water. This was my second time snookering and it was much easier because water was warm and so many colorful fishes to look. I love how peaceful is to be in the water and I felt so small, blended with the nature.

After that… we basically spent 3.5 hrs on the sea… enjoying the sun and beautiful day.


IMG_6848 IMG_6856

dancing and alcohol occurred too, although not as energetic as the night before because most of us had hangover.


after we got off the boat we were starving so I decided to eat in one of the local restaurant by the shore.


guacamole with chips to startIMG_6869

cheese quesadillas were shared as well


as main dish I ordered garlic grilled octopus, which was soo fresh and delicious. I want MORE!!!

one of our friend ordered seafood soup and i was intrigued. Normally you wouldn’t think to have soup with over 35C but I love seafood so I really wanted to try. It did not disappoint. It had shrimp, octopus and snails. so so good, even better than my main dish. 

after dinner… we had some quiet time at the hotel before we head out for drinkIMG_6894

last drink in Isla Mujeres

the biggest surprise of this trip is that I’ve started to enjoy a drink or two 🙂 For years I disliked any alcohol beverages for its taste… but this time I liked it and obviously like the effects on me too!IMG_6906

as result…. instead of browsing section.. Ruwei and I spent time at drink section of the dutyfree and max out our quote for alcohol purchase. 😀IMG_6932

It was a FANTASTIC trip! The place is amazing, turquoise sea, white sand beach, fresh and delicious food, vacation mood of everybody. But what made it truly amazing was to spend time with my closest friends that unfortunately don’t live in the same city as I do. So seeing them made me so happy. Although we’ve graduated over 4 years ago… our friendship is still solid, and we have great time together! Hope we could repeat this experience sometime soon.

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