Travel: Isla Mujeres day 2

After a long but fun night the day before, we slept past 10am and got to the breakfast just before they closed it. The restaurant gives view to the beach…. instant relaxationIMG_8028

fruit is always so much tastier outside the US for some reason.. closer to the origin?IMG_8027

The wedding starts at 4pm so we spent the day relaxing at the hotelIMG_6779

then the wedding started. The church was located in the other side of the island and gives the view to the sea. It reminded me of Greece
IMG_6786the only downside of the church is lack of AC. We were all sweating but so excited for the newlywed.

the pastor gave a very nice speech. He gave the metaphor of Jesus turning water into wine. That something so ordinary could turn into something so amazing. He said that the number one obstacle of a happy marriage is the routine, the familiarity of things and people. To overcome this, we need to remember AGUA (water in spanish): agradecer (appreciate) what we have, what are given to us (the person who spends the life with us), generosidad (generosity), be generous to this person; union (unity), be united no matter under what circumstances; and alegria (joy), celebrate life with joy with the person we love.

I was touched by this speech and hope to remind myself through the new beginning with Tony.

After the church, we headed to the reception place. It is located on the beach. There we had the civil ceremony with sunset as background. IMG_6800

to kill the heat and start the mood for the night to come, we started with a cocktail made with vodka and fresh fruits… delicious!IMG_6801

as we didn’t have food after late breakfast, we were starving by the time appetizers arrived. They were scrumptious!!! squash quesadillas and chicken tortillasIMG_6802 IMG_6826

before dinner started… we walked around the area while appreciate this amazing sunset view… so romantic, so peaceful. I so want to come back with Tony by my side. IMG_6808 IMG_6807


dinner started with assorted wine/cocktailsIMG_6811

followed by a fish dish as main entree. Then the dance floor started with live band and a very cool DJ. We danced… rested…. drank more alcohol… danced more… more alcohol…. more dance… until 1:30am. I could barely walk straight when we left. What a FANTASTIC wedding!!!

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