Travel: Isla Mujeres day 1

4 days in Cancun was a real BLAST! I had sooooo much fun. One of the best trip ever!

I was on a work trip in Lima for 3 days before flying to Cancun on Thursday early morning (left hotel at 3am!). After a quick stop in Panama, I arrived Cancun. The view from the plane was already incredible. The turquoise sea color gave me the instant relaxation!


I met with my trip companion Ruwei at the airport. After a 30 min ride on the boat we arrived at our hotel and was welcomed by a drink, first of many to come.  IMG_6764

after a quick change of cloth and mind set, we went to the pool and just lied down…. OMG!!!! TOTAL RELAX!IMG_6765 IMG_6768

The reason for this trip was to attend a friend’s wedding. He’s from grad school so I was expecting to see other friends there. But for my surprise, I saw almost all of them! Close friends from Canada and UK, and other friends that live in the US but I haven’t seen them in years. So it turned out to be a friends-reunion in the beach! the best of all kinds!!! 😀

So I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening catching up with them. We chat, ate, drank, got a bit crazy including getting into the water close to midnight, moved to the public jacuzzi that was closed, and ended up 6 of us in the jacuzzi drinking fernet. It was hilarious but so much fun!


music by the beach while we had wine and catch up



my favorite group of friends! 🙂 I wish we all live in the same city


after dinner it was almost midnight and someone had the great idea of getting into the water. And water we went! 🙂



and then someone suggested to get into the public Jacuzzi by the pool. So with beer in had we all got to the Jacuzzi. Few minutes later someone from the hotel told us it was closed few hours ago and it was releasing some “chemicals” that could be harmful. So we left and moved to Belen’s room Jacuzzi, which is the size of a regular Jacuzzi. But we were semi-drunk by then and wanted all get into it… so six of us got into it and had fernet with coke, a typical argentinian drink. By that time, I lost control of my eyes as they deliberately closed. Well.. I don’t blame them because I was up since 2:45am that day.

Ruwei and I said good night to the group and went to our room past 1am. It was soooo fun but I was soooo exhausted too! I fell into deep sleep that night… first night in 2.5 weeks. 🙂

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