Mother’s day and first BBQ of 2015

Mother’s day gift from my beloved Sofia. She’s getting better with gift making!


I love you so much Sofia, I feel so lucky to be your mom because you bring the biggest joy in life!


To celebrate that day we invited some friends over for the first BBQ of the year.


the weather was perfect to eat outdoor


Look how chubby has became Sofia, exactly how I was when I was at her age


more and more she’s playing with other kids, even it involves fighting over toys every 5 min


I made a salad, grilled corns, sweet potato and marinated chicken. My friend brought shrimp bruchetta and beef


after nap time, we went to visit a new friend, Teri, second daughter of my friend Sarah. Just 8 days old. so tiny and so fragile. I miss those early days of Sofia.


while they had the naming ceremony, Sofia focused on eating the fried dough


she’s really into pricess outfit these days.. even going to the mall she wanted to put her dress and make this silly face


A friend from chicago just moved to the area and we had dinner at True Kitchen, a restaurant following Dr. Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet principles. We shared 2 appetizers: kale-guacamole




as entree I had salad with salmon, nothing too special. IMG_6660

for the first time (ever?) I had a glass of white wine.. which was quite tasty


for dessert I had frozen yogurt and bloody orange sorbet.. very refreshing

I also did some baking: a spongy cake which both Sofia and my mom loved. It’s like the base of the fruit cake that whole food sells. Once it was finished in 3 days, my mom asked me to bake a new one.


I also made a granola bar with almond butter, oatmeal and dry fruits. Sofia loves it!


I usually go to Chopt’ Salad if I go out for lunch, but last week I went to Sweet Salad and was happilly surprised with their new selection. I had the Pad Thai made with shrimp which was delicious. And my colleague had the green guacamole and also enjoyed it a lot, even thanking me to take him to try it. He’s a senior colleague who’s much older than me, but for some reason we have this special chemistry and we get along very well. It’s amazing how much more fun is to work with someone that you like. Not only it’s more fun but it makes working together easier because you trust each other, and when there’s disagreement you are sure that both of you are trying to make the work better, and not some work politics.


As I publish this belated recap.. I’m in Lima for a mission until tomorrow and then heading to Cancun for a mini vacation! 🙂

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