Getting over a cold

Someone had a cold since last weekend and we were miserable for few days (night wakes up, loss of appetite and needing mommy all the time). First, I didn’t know she had a cold so I was pretty annoyed with her behavior. But when fever came, I felt terrible for blaming her. The poor girl was just uncomfortable and needed to be close to mommy to feel safe. What a bad mom I was :(. But I guess that happens to all of us. The point is to remind us when patience is up is that our kids are 99% well behaved (never doubt that!), and that we need to take under the sleeves even more patience. Patience is The virtue as parent.

Fortunately, she’s finally feeling like herself and we could all sleep like a baby for the past two days. Thank you, S!

Bits of the last two weeks:


she loves me reading to her, I try to do often


she started to draw too… her favorite things to draw are plane, taxi, stars (with my help)


pretending play really started. Since she’s out of diaper for good, she doesn’t change diaper to her baby anymore either. Instead, she’d dress her and feed her.



we went to see the dolphins today and once again, she was so happy


it is 2 hrs drive for 1.5 hrs play at the aquarium, but it so worth it just to see her silly face


oh and to get her kisses


and see her amazed looks… priceless



last night after bath time, she took my bra and wanted to put it on…. mom and I laughed so much!!!!


this girl wants to do everything mommy does 🙂



A bit recap of me. These past two weeks I was quite busy at work. And since Sofia wasn’t feeling great, I’d leave work early, so it meant I had to be more efficient, which sometimes could be exhausting. But overall it was good. I got to start a new project on Peru…. visiting there soon! 🙂


there’s nothing more relaxing than a bubble foot bath at night


and apply the best feet cream ever! this thing is magical. If I religiously apply it several times a week, in a month my feet is soft as baby’s.


I truly enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book in a Sunday afternoon. It made me think that we often feel the need to pack our weekends, but why? why do I do this when I enjoy being at home and read a good book instead of tiring myself with lots of activities? I wonder if it’s because I want to organize activities for S and my mom because it would make them happy; or is it the need to prove that we have a social life? In today’s society, when people post their outings in social media… do we feel obliged to do the same to prove our worth? Every time I ask myself this question, I get a disappointing answer and tell myself to never fall in that trap. But the temptation is so big, isn’t it?


other things that people I know do is to schedule their weekday lunches with people that might help them in their careers. I, personally, prefer to meet with friends and colleagues that I genuinely like to hang out with. It’s better for digestion and for my soul. 🙂 I could be ambitious but I am not.

Spring is finally here. Having lunch outdoor feels like a mini-vacation during work day. Love it!


What a colorful mean mom prepared. I am so grateful she takes care of the house and cooking, so I can focus on my work and Sofia. 🙂 These days are counted.


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