birthday parties & climbing

This past weekend was filled with activities. First we started on Saturday with two birthday parties (Max and Beatrice turned 2). Max party was set at Columbia child play and wellness center with a lot of toys. Sofia liked the piano


and groceries shopping (one of her fav activities)


there was a puppet show tooIMG_6561

the birthday boy


then we rushed to the other party at a playground in chevy chase. Sofia played with the dough


while grandma and me relaxed a bit. We ate and I chatted with colleagues



On Sunday, we first went to playground


ride the carousel. Although I could feel Sofia was shaking… she still enjoyed it. Sometimes, as parents we need to support a child’s willingness to go beyond their comfort zone… and trust they’ll do better next time.


And then we went to the church. We haven’t gone for quite a while and I missed the peace I feel there. Hopefully we go there more often now that Sofia is older and play well with her friends at the childcare.

After I put Sofia down for nap.. I went to Earth Trek to meet with my friends for some climbing.


it has been quite a long time since I last climbed but for my surprise, I was in pretty good shape still.


conquered all the tried routes without too much trouble


really really liked the challenge and the feeling of pushing myself to the edge


My friend Ruwei, very persistent girl, willing to go beyond her edge too.


a snapshot of routes conquered this time. IMG_7764

Breakfast this week was: homemade soy milk + egg-cheese-muffin


best lunch of the week: a seafood salad at Cities with Fernando. I told him about my life changes. He was shocked by how much and how fast everything happened. But he’s glad to see me happy and hopeful for the new life.


I was off work on Friday and I made WW rye bread.


It turned out denser than I expected but good still.


finished another book this weekend. My goal on reading more this year is going really well. 🙂


another busy week has started. I’m looking forward to the end of it because it means one less week until Tony arrives. 2 down, 6 more to go! 🙂

One thought on “birthday parties & climbing

  1. Ruwei

    ooh la la! I feel flattered to see myself mentioned in your blog 😉 shall do climbing more often, hopefully with Tony and Sofia soon.


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