Busy week & cherry blossom 2015

I returned from China last Tuesday past midnight and went to work the following day. Needless to say I was zombie on Wednesday and have been waking up at 2am due to the jet lag. Fortunately it doesn’t bother me anymore. if I wake up and can’t go back to sleep, I either read or chat with Tony.

Since I missed two weekends with Sofia, so I really want to spend some quality time with her so that we did :D.

On Saturday, we went to see Cherry Blossom. It was the first day of the season and it was a lovely day. We arrived early and there was a big crowd already.


there was a parade going on but we didn’t stay long


Sofia was dressed like a princess


full blossom!!!! It was my third time visiting blossom in DC and first time for my mom. She really liked it.



Three generations of ladies. I’m so grateful to have my mom with me most of the time in the last 3 years. I don’t know what I’d have done without her help. She’s a wise and beautiful women. She doesn’t impose on how to take care of Sofia, she just helps when help is asked. I know life is boring for her here in the US since she doesn’t have friends and can’t move around by herself. Because she knows I need her help and it makes her happy to provide it to me. Fortunately once Tony moves here in June, my mom won’t be obliged to stay here. She can choose freely where she wants to stay, either here with us or China. That way, she can enjoy her social life in China and welcomed to visit whenever she misses us.


After the morning activity.. Sofia took 3 hrs long nap. And then we did groceries together.

Sunday started with some pancake making, one of her favorite activities these days.


she can even find the tools by herself


later that morning we went to a playground nearby


she runs around so fast that it was a great workout for me to just to follow her


a future climber for sure







for lunch we went to Susan’s house and Sofia played with Laura who’s 1 year younger than Sofia. Sofia is in a stage that she really wants to play with other kids… younger or older .. doesn’t matter. Maybe she doesn’t know fully how to play with them, but it’s clear that she wants to interact with them. I love seeing her trying. 🙂

Another long nap happened when we got home. After that we went to visit Tara. Another 2 hrs of interactive playing (running, screaming and fighting for toys) while Sarah and I got to catch up. She’s 37 weeks pregnant and the new girl will arrive anytime. Exciting moments for both of us… new life starts. Sarah and I were touched seeing Sofia and Tara playing and bounding together. We got pregnant around the same time and always talked about how these two are meant to be friends from the start. And seeing them actually doing that still makes me feel amazed. As I get older, I realize how important are my girlfriends. I couldn’t have done what I did without their constant and unconditional support.

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