12 days in Shanghai

It was a last minute trip to Shanghai and it was perfect. Originally I wasn’t planning to go until end of April to meet Tony’s family before his move to the US in June. But my uncles, who were planning to visit me in April had a car accident and didn’t come. So I decided to travel earlier.

We were glued during my entire stay and enjoyed so much each other and the city.


we met with my childhood friends Kaffee and Flora


Kaffee took me to her favorite hair salon again and we spent sometime at the bookstore. What a great pleasure to just spend an afternoon with a good friend without a plan, just wondering around and enjoy each’s company.


we also spent a day with Kaffee’s family. The original plan was to watch cherry blossom and have a picnic at the park, but it was a rainy day so we changed to indoor activities.


it was my first time shooting and it was not too bad


we then spend the afternoon at a tea house… eating and playing cards. Tony and I lost but we had a lot of fun!


we went to karaoke. I love love love listening Tony singing. He has such a attractive voice that I always feel touched by his songs.


we were deskmate 24 years ago and this expo brought us back to that time.



we wrote down our promise


we took many selfies


we visited the school where we met in 1991


I had some good food in shanghai too and here’s some.

Tony’s mom prepared a homemade dinner for me with some of my favorite dishes


we had vietnamese cuisine


the best wonton soup EVER @布村


and an indoor picnic prepared kindly by Kaffee


I’ve visited Shanghai many times over the years but this was probably one of the best ones because I got to spend time with my love, which makes everything more enjoyable. Our favorite activity was a walk around the french concession neighborhood. We both like old fashion houses and quiet streets, and chat along the walk.

My next visit to China would be in June. Next stop? Beijing. Can’t wait to see T again.


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